Try Dives

Have you had a tentative interest in diving but not sure if you’d like it or haven’t had the opportunity to try it? Perhaps you’re at the end of your holiday and don’t have time to enrol on a course? Then a try dive may be a great starting point!

Our try dives are a great introduction into the underwater world. Our Instructors will guide you in a local shallow bay, where you will be introduced to the equipment, the basic rules of diving and the inhabitants of the reef.

Minimum Requirements: 10 years old

You must be comfortable in water and be medically fit.

The Duration of the try dive is 1/2 a day

For your safety, you will be required to complete a Padi Scuba Medical Questionnaire before starting any Diving activities with Blue Realm. In the event any of the listed conditions apply to you, we will ask you to be checked by a physician in Dahab or to produce a medical release form from your own physician.

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