Photography Workshops

Have you ever wanted to capture that special moment underwater? not sure how to get the best from your camera shot or how to edit it later? then at Blue Realm we can help you with a Photography workshop with Patricia Perret.

Service between May to September

Enjoy the Butterflyfishes thema in Gallery

Patricia Perret

Patricia has been photographing marine life for over 25 years in the Maldives and Egypt. Her images have been published in magazines and have been on TV as far as Japan.

Passionate about marine Flora and Fauna, Patricia believes Photography is one of the best ways to learn about marine biology and the identification of marine life.

Anyone would have to travel far and wide to find someone more experienced to help you get started on your photography journey.

Patricia in partnership with Blue Realm will be offering starter photography workshops which will include a pre-dive briefing, a dive and an editing session afterwards.

If you are further into your photography passion and would like a more advanced workshop and to tap into some experienced knowledge, then please get in touch for a more in depth discussion of your requirements.

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