Dive Dahab

The area is home to some of the richest and most exhilarating diving available anywhere in the world, and the best part? Most of it is accessible from the shore line!!

Dahab has so many fantastic dive spots we really wouldn’t be able to list them all, but here are some well known sites and some of our favourites.


Famous around the world amongst Scuba Divers and Free divers. In fact so famous is the Blue Holes that a number of world class Free divers are based in Dahab.

A Natural sink hole in the ocean, it is 105m deep of sheer vertical drop and about 90m wide. At around 60m there is the Arch which is an opening which plummets to 1,800m.


Located between The Blue Hole and Dahab and is a firm favourite with divers.

The Canyon is actually a long split in the reef which has formed a partially open tunnel. There are 2 points of entry both are used as a dive up rather than a dive down due to the vertical face of the reef which stands at approximately 50m.


A more remote location which can be reached by boat or vehicle and usually takes up a whole day. The shore line is like a tropical paradise and the water is crystal clear with so much to see from as shallow as 2m!

The richness of the dive sites here are definitely worth using up a whole day of your holiday, where else could you dive, eat, sleep, sunbathe, relax and dive some more all in 1 day!


One of the most phenomenal and spectacular dive locations, offering lots of versatile diving all in one place.

If you would love the chance to encounter Large Pelagics, Mantas, Eagle Rays, Dolphins and Whale Sharks then Gabr El Bint would be the spot!

Please see our exclusive page for special trips to Gabr El Bint.


The Island, Um Sid, Abu Helal, The Eel Garden, Golden Blocks, Abu Talha,The Lighthouse, 7 pinnacles and many more. Luckily there are plenty of sites to easily fill a weeks diving.

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